1.  Present:   Jo Swain (HRC), Colin Bullworthy (PS), Roger Slater (ASSC), Joe Torres (Ch), Roy Jager (Gr Pk), Colin Fell (PS), Andy Reeve (ASSC), Malcolm Norris (Gr Pk), Faith Frankel (HRC), Chris Day (PS), Vikki Flaum (GP), Sue Gillett (Hod), Celeste Reeve (ASSC), Richard Fellows (GP), Will Featherstone (HRC), Tom Reeve (ASSC)


2.  Apologies: Tony Maniam, Tony Cutbush, Derek Miles, Fred Burdett, Steve Jackson..


3.  Minutes of AGM 2015: These were unanimously approved.


4.  Matters Arising: None.


5.  Chair Persons Report: See Appendix 1.


6.  Treasurer’s Report: AR presented the year’s accounts to the meeting (see Appendix 2).  He reported that it was necessary to increase the league fees this year and proposed a new fee of £40 per team.  Seconded by RS and carried unanimously.  AR reported that last year two teams had not paid their fee; he had identified one of them but could not identify the other.  CB reported that the engraving had cost more this year than anticipated, so that there would, in fact, be less money in our balance than shown.


7.  Match Secretary’s Report: CB explained that he had made notes about his opening comments but had just noticed that they were exactly the same as last year.  i.e. that there are too many league games not being completed on time and even though there are breaks in the schedule which should allow missed games to played, these opportunities are not being used.  There was wide-ranging discussion on why games are not played and how to improve matters.  Is it due to the quality of the Captains?  Are the captains unwilling to play with a weak team because their best players are absent?  Is it because players are not prepared to commit themselves, even though they know exactly when they are needed from when the handbooks are handed out at the start of the season?  Should a system of ‘fines’ (points) be introduced?  How fair are ‘double-headers’ on other teams?  No agreement was reached but it was agreed that all teams must try to play their league games on time, or as soon thereafter as possible.  CB explained that there are now not enough teams to support three leagues and he proposed reducing to two leagues next year.  CB suggested that there would probably by 8 teams in League 1 and 9 teams in League 2.  The Divisional Cup and Handicap Cup would become knockout competitions.  This was seconded by Richard Fellows and carried.  CB reported that the President’s Cup had been won again by Cheshunt League.  It was felt that the Cheshunt league are picking only their best players for this match, while Hertford have been opening it to players of various levels.  The Cheshunt League are responsible for engraving the trophy this year.


8.  Election of Officers: JS asked if any other members were prepared to join the committee but there were no volunteers.  All existing officers were prepared to stand for re-election and it was proposed that they were elected ‘en bloc’.  Proposed by Colin Fell, seconded by Chris Day.  All officers were duly re-elected.


9.  AOB: (i)  Members were reminded:
                    (1) The new plastic balls must be used next season.
                    (2) TTE has increased its membership fee by £2.
                    (3) It is the responsibility of established members to see that new members are familiar with the rules of table tennis, including dress code and service action.

              (ii) Since there are still not enough junior members to warrant a Junior Cup, it was agreed that the Intermediate Cup should be open to players “up to 40 years of age” and the Junior Cup, when reinstated, will be for players “up to 18 years of age”.  This was proposed by Andy Reeve and seconded by Will Featherstone.  Carried.
              (iii) Following a question by WF there was considerable discussion on what steps could be taken to attract more young players.  In conclusion it was agreed that there is nothing that hasn’t been already tried.   It is an unfortunate fact that Table Tennis is not a ‘Glamour Sport’ like football and that the times of our matches are not compatible with school times.


10.  Presentation of Trophies & Certificates: These were awarded as per CB’s list (Appendix 3) and the Pine Trophy, for services to the league, was presented to Andy Reeve.


The meeting ended at 2140.




R. Slater (Hon. Sec.)






APPENDIX 1.                                       CHAIR REPORT 2016


A big thank you for all the committee's hard work and continuing support to enable the Hertford League's survival.
Thank you to Roger for being the secretary and taking minutes etc.
Thank you to Colin Fell for the website and printing the handbook.
Thank you to Andy Reeve for stepping up into being our treasurer.
Also to Derick and Chris for supporting the committee.
Thank you so much to Colin for all his hard work for without him there would not be a league.  The tournaments were fun but stressful and wouldn't happen without you.
Thank you Faith for your help with refreshments and the certificates.
I hope I have remembered everyone, and if I have forgotten anyone then please do forgive me.
I would like to add that all of us on the committee do our very best in our spare time to keep the league going, but this year it has been particularly difficult for me due to some of the personal criticisms I have had, but hey ho I am still here although a little bit worse for wear.  We do the job because we love the game and although it is important to always listen to the members views, sometimes it can be difficult not to take things personally.
But on a more positive note, it has been a enjoyable season and I hope that you also have enjoyed the season and all the best for the season ahead.


Jo' Swain


APPENDIX 2.                                       2016 ACCOUNTS


Click here for the accounts as a pdf file (you need Adobe to see this document).


APPENDIX 3.                                       Roll of Honour 2015-16





Premier Division

Allenburys I

Grundy Park I

Division 1


Grundy Park II

Division 2

Grundy Park III

Hoddesdon III

Creasey Cup

Allenburys I

Grundy Park I

Clifford Troll Trophy


Cheshunt II

MSD Trophy

Hoddesdon III

Cheshunt III

Hertford Builders Cup

Allenburys I

Cheshunt III

Open Singles

Fred Burdett

Will Featherstone

Ladies Singles

Faith Frankel

Jo' Swain

Division 1 Singles

Abdul Olayboyega

Trevor Bird

Division 2 Singles

Sam Flaum

Josh Boddy

Veteran’s Singles

Fred Burdett

Fred Nash

Veteran’s Doubles

Fred Burdett / Derek Miles

Debbie Evans / Faith Frankel

Men’s Doubles

Fred Burdett / Fred Nash

Will Featherstone / Colin Bullworthy

Mixed Doubles

Sue Gillett / Roy Jager

Faith Frankel / Lee Barley

Ladies Doubles

Jo' Swain / Debbie Evans

Faith Frankel / Sue Gillett

Super Veterans Singles

Fred Burdett

Fred Nash

Intermediate Singles

Will Featherstone

Lee Barley

McMullen Individual Handicap

Abdul Olagboyega

Tony Cutbush

Hartsman Handicap Doubles

Mike Merryweather / Jenny Pomfrett

Abdul Olagboyega / Geoff Jeffries