Hertford and District Table Tennis League
Founded 1936 Affiliated to ETTA and HTTA
Team Knockout Competition Creasey Cup
Match Score Sheet Clifford Troll Trophy
  MSD Trophy
  Hertford Builders Cup
Handicap Match Score Sheet
Date:   Round:
Home Team: Away Team:
Order of Play   Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Match Score
1. BC v XY V        
2.    A v Z V        
3.    C v X V        
4.    B v Y V        
5. AC v XZ V        
6.    B v Z V        
7.    C v Y V        
8.    A v X V        
9. AB v YZ V        

Result: ___________________________________       beat       ___________________________________  
Signed:   _______________________________  
(Winning captain)  
     (Losing captain)

The winning team is responsible for ensuring that the score sheet reaches the Team Knock-out Competition secretary.
Knock-out Competition secretary: Colin Bullworthy, 13 King Edward Road, WARE, Herts.  SG12 7EJ