Hertford and District Table Tennis League
Founded 1936 Affiliated to ETTA and HTTA
Team Knockout Competition Creasey Cup
Match Score Sheet Clifford Troll Trophy
  MSD Trophy
  Hertford Builders Cup
Date:   Round:
Home Team: Away Team:
Order of Play   Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5 Match Score
1. BC v XY V            
2.    A v Z V            
3.    C v X V            
4.    B v Y V            
5. AC v XZ V            
6.    B v Z V            
7.    C v Y V            
8.    A v X V            
9. AB v YZ V            

Result: ___________________________________       beat       ___________________________________  
Signed:   _______________________________  
(Winning captain)  
     (Losing captain)

The winning team is responsible for ensuring that the score sheet reaches the Team Knock-out Competition secretary.

Knock-out Competition secretary: Colin Bullworthy, 13 King Edward Road, WARE, Herts.   SG12 7EJ