Minutes of committee meeting 4/4/17


Present: Jo Swain, Colin Bullworthy, Joe Torres, Andy Reeve, Chris Day, Roger Slater.

Apologies: None.


1) Handicap Tournament: JS passed the takings to AR.

2) Outstanding Matches: There is the usual backlog of unplayed league matches. There was discussion on how this problem could be resolved but no decision was reached. It was agreed that the deadline should be extended to 19th May and CB will produce a Newsletter advising clubs of this. If necessary a neutral venue may be used if neither team has a home venue available.

3) Venues: It was reported that HRC will be moving to Bushby Hall, Wharf Road, EN10 6HX and they will play on Wednesdays instead of Mondays

Other clubs may also be changing their venue, possibly their playing evening and the number of teams they can field. The situation will be monitored

4) Closed Tournaments: These will be played on 27/4 & 4/5, at Cheshunt. The closing date for entries is 23/4. JS will be away on 4/5 but will complete paperwork in advance. There was some discussion about the cost of this event around 250 for the hall and 260 for the trophies & engraving. The hall will be approached for a reduction. Two nights are necessary for this event because of the number of tournaments involved. There was discussion on ways of increasing revenue and it was agreed that the entry cost would change from 1 to 2. Further consideration will be given to the idea of making a charge for each tournament entered, this could be discussed at the AGM.

5) AGM: This will be on 7/6, at 2000, at ASSC. CB will not be present but will give his report to JS. JS will ask Faith for Certificates. CB to give Faith names for certificates.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 2100.