Dated 29 Mar 2022
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David Madsen
As some of you may know, Dave Madsen of HRC recently passed away.   An interesting character with a unique sense of humour and an enthusiastic member of the league for many years, Dave will be sadly missed.
League News
HRC A have won the Premier Division Championship, 23 points ahead with one match remaining.
If teams are level on points at the end of the season, the number of matches won is taken into consideration.  If they have won the same, the head to head matches are taken into account and, as a last resort, the number of sets won throughout the season.
In Division 1, as Cheshunt B and St. Andrews A finished on the same points (89) and the same victories (12), the two wins that Cheshunt B had against their opponents were enough to give them the title and spare the Match Secretary counting the number of sets each team had won and lost during the season.  The difference between the two teams is best summed up by the first match between the two teams, Gordon Imroth winning the 124th point of the match to beat John Hughes 12-10 in the fifth.  Congratulations to both teams on a hard-fought season.
Division 2 is still not finished although Kidston B look favourites, 16 points ahead of Watton-at-Stone, both teams due to play each other and Watton-at-Stone having one other match outstanding.

Outstanding Matches
Hope you have all enjoyed the season although the league is not complete.  There are still four matches outstanding:
Stanstead Abbotts v HRC A and Kidston A
Watton-at-Stone v Smart AV Boys and Kidston B

Handicap Cup News
Three of the four semi-final places have been decided, with the fourth place to be settled when Cheshunt A play Aston on 4 April.
Semi-Final matches week beginning 11 April 2022:
HRC B       v       Grundy Park B/Cheshunt A
Stanstead Abbotts A       v       Grundy Park A

Trophy Appeal
Can any teams who won cups in the 2018/19 season, please have a look in attics, garages, cupboards (or even on the mantelpiece) and return them to Jo' Swain.  We are particularly interested in the Creasey Cup (HRC I), Clifford Troll Trophy (Allenburys II) and The MSD cup (Stanstead Abbotts) which were the only trophies awarded in 2020 prior to the pandemic.

And finally...
Everybody who takes part in the league should be registered with Table Tennis England.  Please pass this message on to anybody in your team who does not receive the newsletter.

All newsletters are blind copied to everybody on the distribution list.  If you know of anybody who currently does not receive a newsletter and would like to receive one, please let me know.
Also, if you have any suggestions, comments, please let me know.
League tables, averages, past newsletters, handicaps, Cup News etc are on the website.

Best Wishes,
Colin Bullworthy
Match Secretary

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