We welcome all feedback on our website, league, competitions (or even the committee!)

The number of league players has gradually dropped over the years and we would welcome your suggestions for attracting more players, teams and clubs.

Attendance at the Tournaments has also fallen over the last couple of years, despite entry being free last year!   We'd welcome your views on why this has happened and what we can do to attract more players to these events.     Do you think tournaments at weekends are inconvenient or do you think the events are not well-publicised enough?   Let us know how you think we can attract more competitors?

Also the AGM is less well attended than it was (say) five years ago - why do you think this is?   Is it general apathy or what?

Finally, are there other events that you, the players, would like to see and take part in? For example, Inter-league matches or other non-table-tennis events?

Use this form to leave feedback on any of these topics or just general comments on the Hertford and District Table Tennis League.
(Obviously, we'd like you to leave a contact name or email address, but if you'd prefer to remain anonymous, just leave your comment.)
Thank you!
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