Posted 23 May 2018                   click here for the previous season's Roll of Honour.
Competition Winner Runner-Up
Premier Division Allenburys I Grundy Park I
Division One PramaStars I HRC II
Creasey Cup Allenburys I Grundy Park I
Clifford Troll Trophy PramaStars I HRC II
Hertford Builders Trophy Cheshunt I HRC I
Open Singles Martin Nash Alex Morreale
Ladies Singles Dudu Souleiman Sue Gillett
Division One Singles Wayne Boddy Rocco Cuffaro
Veteranís Singles Fred Nash John Hirons
Veteranís Doubles Martin Nash / Fred Nash Terry Smith / Tony Cutbush
Menís Doubles Daniel Gillett / Sam Flaum Rai Liiv / Fred Nash
Ladiesí Doubles Dudu Souleiman / Sue Gillett Jo' Swain / Cathy Parsons
Mixed Doubles Dudu Souleiman / Tony Cutbush Jo' Swain / Wayne Boddy
Super Veteranís Singles Fred Nash Tony Cutbush
Intermediate Singles Daniel Gillett Alex Morreale
Pine Trophy Philip Smith
McMullen Individual Handicap Fred Burdett Alex Morreale
Hartsman Handicap Doubles John Barnes / Jason Flaum Terry Smith / Ben Flaum

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