Dated 15 Nov 2021
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Now we are finally under way, welcome to the first proper newsletter of the 2021/22 season.
Handbook Amendments
Mike Roberts (contact for HRC B) telephone number should be 01763281087.

Cheshunt Table Tennis Club Clubroom address is: Thundridge Village Hall, Ermine Street, Thundridge SG12 0SU

League News
HRC A lead the Premier Division, dropping just three points in their first three matches after wins against HRC B (9-0), Grundy Park B (7-2) & Cheshunt A (8-1).  Kidston A are second, nine points behind having played one match less.   Stanstead Abbotts A were 4-2 down at Grundy Park B, but won the last three games all in the fifth set to make it two 5-4 wins in two matches.  Alex Morealle (Cheshunt A) beat Roy Jager 13-11 in the fifth in a 5-4 defeat at Grundy Park A and was the only winner against HRC A, again triumphing in the fifth, 12-10 against Chris Wade.

Cheshunt B are top of Division 1, Gordon Imroth winning 10 of his first 11 games, his only defeat to Ian Beaumont (Allenburys B) who also has one defeat, losing to Alan Critchley (St Andrews B) who has only lost to Gordon Imroth!  John Hughes (St Andrews B) took Gordon all the way losing 12-10 in the fifth, the last of 116 points in the game.  HRC C are second, losing 7-2 to both Cheshunt B & C after winning their first two matches.  Cheshunt C have won both their opening matches, Geoff Jeffries clinching a 5-4 victory at Grundy Park C, defeating Farzad Jalalai 11-4 in the fifth after losing the fourth 17-15.  Wayne Boddy (Pramastars B) lost to both Dudu Soulieman and Jo' Swain 11-9 in the fifth set in a 9-0 defeat to HRC C.

Kidston B are three points ahead of Cheshunt D in Division 2.  After 9-0 & 5-4 wins over Aston & St Andrews B respectively, a fifth set win for Kim Waddingham over Peter Sweetman earned a 5-4 home win over Furneux Pelham, Ian McAllister who has 10 wins from 12 games, unbeaten for the visitors.  Cheshunt D are second, their only defeat in four when the Rata family of Ray, Simon & Tommy lost 6-3 to Watton-at-Stone who are in third, six points behind the leaders with a match in hand.  Newcomers Smart AV Boys have only played two matches.  After a 7-2 loss to St Andrews B, they beat Stanstead Abbotts B by the same score, both Stephen Morris and Aaron Djemil unbeaten on the night.

Outstanding Matches
Matches will show as outstanding on the League Tables page when a result card hasn't been received within two weeks of the Monday of the scheduled match.  As at 14th Nov, there were a total of nine scheduled matches yet to be played, although four were from last week so will not yet be shown as outstanding.  Please make every effort to get these matches played as soon as possible.  Hopefully a number will be played in the FREE WEEK of w/c 22 November!
Handicap Cup News
Handicaps will be set in the new year prior to the Handicap Cup that is due to start in February.  The website shows a number of players with a current handicap of 99.  This is a default setting to allow the players to be added to the database and proper handicaps will be given prior to the start of the tournament in February.  The maximum handicap will be 18.
TTE Registration
All players should be registered with Table Tennis England.  Please ensure you are and that you have notified your captain of your number.
And finally...
All newsletters are blind copied to everybody on the distribution list.  If you know of anybody who currently does not receive a newsletter and would like to receive one, please let me know.
Also, if you have any suggestions, comments, please let me know.
League tables, averages, past newsletters, handicaps, Cup News etc are on the website.

Best Wishes,
Colin Bullworthy
Match Secretary

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