Latest league result posted 17 Jan 2022
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League News     ( 20-12-2021 )
Three straight set victories for Dave Page helped HRC A to a 5-4 win over Kidston A to stay three points clear of their opponents at the top of the Premier Division.  Grundy Park A are third, 16 points behind.  Grundy Park B are fourth, Rocco Cuffaro winning two games 11- see whole item

Current League Tables
Premier Division
Team Played Points
HRC A 8 62
Kidston A 7 47
Grundy Park A 7 31
Stanstead Abbotts A 6 26
Grundy Park B 7 22
HRC B 8 20
Cheshunt A 7 17
Division One
Team Played Points
St. Andrews A 9 58
Cheshunt B 9 56
PramaStars A 10 53
HRC C 9 42
Allenburys B 9 39
Cheshunt C 8 38
PramaStars B 10 24
Grundy Park C 10 23
Division Two
Team Played Points
Kidston B 9 56
Watton-at-Stone 8 51
Cheshunt D 9 50
Smart AV Boys 9 48
St. Andrews B 9 38
Furneux Pelham 10 33
Aston 9 27
Stanstead Abbotts B 9 21
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9 Outstanding matches
Cheshunt C   v   Allenburys B
Stanstead Abbotts A   v   HRC A
Watton-at-Stone   v   Smart AV Boys
Kidston A   v   Stanstead Abbotts A
Watton-at-Stone   v   Kidston B
HRC B   v   Cheshunt A
Stanstead Abbotts A   v   Grundy Park A
St. Andrews A   v   Cheshunt B
Grundy Park A   v   Grundy Park B
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