Latest league result posted 14 Mar 2020
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Newsletter 6     ( 16-4-2020 )
At the time of lockdown, the league was building to an exciting climax with a number of teams in contention across the three divisions.  It has been decided that the fairest way is that the league season is abandoned with no titles awarded.
Good news is that as we don't have to pay for medals and as the season ended early, we can substantially reduce fees for next season, hopefully a) there will be a new season and b) the treasurer will agree! As I am ever the optimist, registration forms will be sent out for completion later in the year ready for the new season to start in September.
Current League Tables
Premier Division
Team Played Points
HRC 1 14 103
Grundy Park 1 12 97
Allenburys 1 13 83
Grundy Park 2 14 71
Cheshunt 1 14 29
HRC 2 13 17
Division One
Team Played Points
PramaStars 1 9 52
Allenburys 2 7 41
PramaStars 2 7 35
St. Andrews 1 7 22
Division Two
Team Played Points
Aston 11 66
Watton-at-Stone 11 64
Stanstead Abbotts PH 11 62
Furneux Pelham 11 41
St. Andrews 2 10 37
Click on your Team Name in the relevant table above to see all your team's League Matches for the season including results recorded so far.  From that screen, you can view Scorecards already input and Team Captains can input the results of a played match in scorecard format.

11 Outstanding matches
Grundy Park 1   v   Allenburys 1
St. Andrews 1   v   PramaStars 2
Stanstead Abbotts PH   v   St. Andrews 2
St. Andrews 1   v   Allenburys 2
Grundy Park 1   v   HRC 2
Aston   v   Watton-at-Stone
Allenburys 1   v   Grundy Park 1
Furneux Pelham   v   St. Andrews 2
PramaStars 2   v   Allenburys 2
HRC 2   v   Grundy Park 2
Cheshunt 1   v   HRC 1
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